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Social Media … Let’s Go Viral.

It’s easy to understand how an international TV star generates over 4.5 million followers on Twitter.


But, imagine a suburban mom experimenting on Twitter for less than a year attracting 35,000 followers and being recognized in the top 100 Tweeters in Chicago.


Could you use 35,000 new customers? That’s the power of Social Media.


Today’s generation hangs out on-line, texting on phones and glued to iPods. And, they’re not just Teenagers.


To reach this market the question is … do you jump on the “social media” bandwagon?


We ask, “Can you afford not to?”


We know the experts who eat, breath and live social media marketing. They know about Twitter, Facebook and the new companies that appear overnight.


Our consultants will help you determine which social media outlets are right for you, then develop a campaign to help you drive more business.