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Satisfied Clients … From big corporations,
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Our client list represents some of the people and companies we have worked with over the years. It has been a long passionate road traveled and a journey that has taught us details with each step.


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• Add One - Advertising Network Bud Light
• Advocate Health Care • Center for Assn. Resources
Alberto Culver • CEG Landscaping
• Alterna Dev • ChiTown Flavor
• Academy of Medicine & Rehab Chicago Baseball Experience
• BG Student Enterprises Inc. • Chicago Blue Bag
Beltone • Chicago Bulls/Sox Academy
• Blue Cross Blue Shield • Choice H2O

"You’re in the hands of a real pro who cares
deeply about his clients and their success."

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"Brian is by far one of the most talented and

well-rounded graphic designers I’ve ever
worked with."

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"Not only is Brian unique, flexible and very

artistic, but the value you receive from him

is unbelievable."

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